A park home loses 25% of its heat through the roof, this can be greatly reduced with the installation of 250mm lost insulation. It is important to remember that a park home roof is mostly built as a sealed roof space with no access. This space is generally ventilated to keep the timber structure of the roof dry so extra care needs to be taken no to block the air flow.

A park home loses up to 15% of its heat through the floor. Park home energy will insulate your under floor using 70mm expanded polystyrene boards friction fitted between the timber joists of your floor. we do this to avoid any damage to your existing plumbing or electrics. It also enables us to identify and protect any vents in your floor.


Park home energy can supply and install the solar system on your roof at no upfront cost. We maintain and monitor the solar panels the customer simply pays for the electric they use at a reduced rate compared to your existing grid rate

The price per kilowatt of solar electric is not affected by the oil industry price rises. So the price you are given only increases inline with inflation. This means solar power in cheaper than the grid prices now and will continue to get cheaper as the under lying energy prices go up


Our boilers come with user friendly controls, allowing you to accurately adjust your heating and hot water for greater comfort.

Park homes – especially older park homes – can be less energy efficient than other types of properties. It is estimated that the greater percentage of park homes were built before 2005, when insulation standards were of less importance in the British Standard for Park Homes.