Park Home Energy are innovative leaders in the development of renewable technologies that are specific to the residents of park home and holiday home requirements. Our company have over 20 years experience in the industry, from the development of insulation measures, to the works we are now involved in today.

Park Home Energy take a whole of house approach in our works

It is almost always cheaper to insulate than generate so our first approach when looking at a park home is to look at the existing levels of insulation (this is often much less than any other building form)

So the installation of our external wall insulation has the effect of reducing you gas use by up to 65% showing you a great cost saving,this also saves on the amount carbon dioxide created when you burn LPG

We would also look at the possibility of insulating your under floor and your roof space

The next stage would be to look your boiler, LPG boilers over 7-8 years old can start to be less efficient meaning they start to use more gas to heat your home than a new energy efficient boiler would.

The last step is to look at the electrical demand of your home, we can then install a solar system on your roof capable of generating most of your electric use at a much lower cost.

So by embracing this approach to your home we can go along way towards reducing your living costs allowing you a warmer healthier more cost effective home for a long time to come